With the Sonic Sky ready-to-wear we express all the core values that we bring from our original DNA: Skydiving. 

Feeling free, being independent, expressing your true self, living the life you want and progressing by leaving your comfort zone.

Be passionate in everything that you do.
Never give up and be relentless in following your goals.
Leave your comfort zone to find your current limits, just to tear them down and discover that everything is possible if you just believe in yourself.
Find out what extraordinary things you are capable to achieve.
Be authentic and express your true you.
Live the life you have always dreamt of and let nothing stop you from that.
Do what you want and be independent of the opinion of others.

In our other business we manufacture traditional tailor-made skydiving suits (www.sonicflywear.com). Quality and excellent customer service are our highest priorities. All is 100% produced in Spain by qualified tailors and also most of our materials are produced for us in Spain to meet our quality standards.
This quality approach we also transferred to the Sonic Sky ready-to-wear. At Sonic Sky ready-to-wear we use materials such as organic cotton (for the t-shirts and hoodies) and recycled plastic from the ocean (for the windbreakers). Also, for both businesses, it's very important to us that the materials that we buy were produced according to fair labor conditions and we only use providers who are explicitly certified for that.

The founders

Susanne Lee Huber. Michael Huber.
Jurica Vranješ. Mirela Vranješ.
Martin Eberle.
The founders team consists of some creative heads with background in very different areas, such as business management, investing, professional football and forex trading.
What we have all in common is that we love when s*** is getting done, a good glass of red wine and to create something new where we believe that this brings value to others.